The Apraxia Connection is proud and honored to be
PPM America’s charity for the month of August!

A Message from Melissa and Mike Laskowski:

Laskowski Family

Laskowski Family

Please join my family and I in supporting The Apraxia Connection (TAC).  TAC was found in 2012 by three mothers of children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and is a local 501 c non profit run by parent volunteers who dedicate their time to helping local Chicagoland families with CAS and related disorders.  CAS is a motor planning disorder that affects a child’s ability to clearly and correctly pronounce syllables and words.   Simply put a child knows what they want to say but the message gets "lost" between the brain and the muscles necessary to form the words. 

 TAC is very special to us and has helped us on our Apraxia journey.  Our journey began, when our son Evan was diagnosed, at age two, with CAS.    Evan has worked tirelessly with speech therapists (both privately and thru the school district) since his diagnosis.  We are proud to say that Evan who is now going into Fourth grade has continued to “find his voice”.  He is now able to write and give presentations at school and also wrote a book report this past year.  Although our journey is always evolving as we learn to deal with co-morbidities that are often associated with CAS we are so very fortunate that we have found a local organization to help us every step of the way.  

With your donation, you are partnering with The Apraxia Connection the ONLY local nonprofit dedicated exclusively to helping children with CAS and their families.  Your donation will help TAC provide grants to families to fund speech therapy, hippo-therapy, attend intensive speech camps and provide assistive technology (i.e., iPads) for children who need it to communicate and provide parent workshops and CAS children gatherings.  

 We are very thankful for the opportunity to join us and participate with a donation that will help a very worthy cause and raise awareness...As Every Child Deserves a Voice!

 Forever Grateful, 
Melissa, Mike, Evan and Nathan